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Batov Records Jukebox

About Batov Records

Batov Records boasts a refreshing blend of artists from around the world. The roster ranges from delicate folk to raucous gypsy-jazz influenced rock, balkan brass to mariachi fuelled drum n bass, electro blues to greek disco.

Batov came to life in London, but the music has its roots in those odd corners of the globe where people make music just for the fun of it.

Back in the heady summer days of 2013, DJ Kobayashi & Bob Martyn started up Batov as simply a place to call home for Gypsy Hill’s catalogue. Around the same time, Herbert Newbert (Gypsy Hill co-founder) & Kobayashi set up a recording studio & production team – Down & Left was born. For the next few years the duo were based on London’s historic Denmark Street and worked with scores of bands and artists – many of whom also needed a label on which to release. Slowly the Batov Records sound came together with this early batch of artists, focusing on world grooves with a particularly Mediterranean flavour.

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