Ayala (IT) - Lost / Valley

Format: Digital

Release Date: October 18, 2023


Ayala (IT) – Lost / Valley

Ayala makes a triumphant return to Batov Records with two fresh, mesmerizing grooves designed to captivate body and soul: “Lost” and “Valley.” These tracks venture into the realm of electronic production blended seamlessly with jazz and ritualistic musical elements.

The ‘Lost/Valley’ EP serves as an impressive follow-up to Ayala’s debut album, ‘Views’, released on Batov Records last year. ‘Views”’ delved into his fervent passion for Afrobeat, African funk, disco, and acoustic sounds, with Ayala’s musical style earning acclaim from KEXP for its “loose, spacey, hypnotic fashion.”

Hailing from Southern Italy, Ayala was nourished from a young age on a rich musical diet of Manu Dibango, Santana, Jamiroquai, and Genesis. This upbringing is a passion for music that would grow into a career. He honed his skills as a resident DJ at a prominent Italian club, sharing stages with globally renowned DJs and artists like Nicola Conte, Gerardo Frisina, Martin Solveig, and notably, Hector Romero, who inspired Ayala to venture into music production himself.

Ayala’s distinctive style seamlessly blends electronic elements with jazz, disco, Afrobeat, and other sounds from the African diaspora. His talent has found a home on prestigious labels such as Compost Records, Hector Romero’s Latin freestyle label Orianna, and Italy’s renowned Rebirth. His work has garnered praise from luminaries like Colleen Cosmo Murphy, Dave Lee, Danny Tenaglia, J-Kriv, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Soul Clap, Jimmy Edgar, and DJ Rocco.

“Lost” embodies a free-spirited, improvisational spirit, starting with an irresistible bassline that gradually beckons us deeper. Percussion elements layer in, creating an enchanting foundation, while melodic marimba, hypnotic chords, and mesmerizing flute melodies complete the sonic canvas. True to its name, it’s a song that invites you to lose yourself within its enchanting embrace.

“Valley” unfolds at a slower pace but maintains the same intensity. A weighty, hypnotic drumbeat initiates the journey, anchoring the composition with an unwavering pulse that compels the body to move. A range of melodic components, from a mysterious saz-like guitar riff to electric synths and evocative piano motifs, seamlessly complement the unyielding rhythm.

Ayala continues to astonish with his exquisitely crafted grooves, defying easy categorization. He effortlessly melds classic African sounds with an organic, entrancing dance sensibility, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.