Batov Records Remixes

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Batov Records Remixes

About Batov Records Remixes Compilation

Batov Records Remixes Compilation.

It’s no secret, we really love a good remix here at Batov Records! Many of our releases have included remix versions from some of our favourite producers.

For the second in our new compilation series: ‘Batov Records Remixes Compilation’, our master selector DJ Kobayashi has put together another collection of the hottest Batov Records remixes.
You’ll find here remixes from the likes of Radio Trip, Tarante Groove Machine, DJ Inko, and Kosta Kostov – plus one or two home-grown remixes from DJ Kobayashi and Gypsy Hill.

Enjoy this alternate look at the Batov Records family, and grab your copy of Batov Records Remixes from our store today!


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