Chavo - Ride

Format: Digital

Release Date: September 20, 2023


Chavo – Ride

A cosmic trip through synthesizer soul and bubblegum blues, “Ride” by Chavo, sounds like the lost lovechild of Air and Lambchop. Originally intended for their planned third album, this soulful track is the sole surviving masterpiece from the London-based band’s fateful last recordings.

The album itself was a journey into motoric synth blues, fueled by hallucinogenic micro-dosing, that left the band so exhausted and disorientated it remained unfinished. Rediscovered years later, “Ride” emerges as an unrelenting voyage of joy, sadness, and beauty.

What is truly remarkable is that this psychedelic slice of synthesized pop and soul seems light years ahead of Chavo’s previous work, even their preceding and second album, ‘Don’t Wake The Dead’ (2015). Departing from their acoustic takes of traditional Balkan songs, the band ventured into original English compositions, blending rock, psych jazz, funk, Afrobeat, and Balkan rhythms. This electrifying sound garnered a devoted following on the UK festival circuit, along with BBC and Channel 4 syncs, but “Ride” suggests even greater potential.

Deserving a prominent place among Batov Records’ greatest singles, “Ride” must not remain shelved. It has the power to capture hearts and imaginations, promising to be a standout track of the year.