Sababa 5 & Inbal Nur Dekel - Yam

Format: Digital

Release Date: August 16, 2023


Sababa 5 & Inbal Nur Dekel – Yam

“Yam” (the Hebrew word for ocean) is an exciting new collaboration between Sababa 5 and Inbal Nur Dekal. This heartfelt Mizrchi pop ballad in 6/8 rhythm captures the essence of longing and a sense of space, creating an emotional atmosphere. Inbal’s vocals, filled with passion, delicacy, and innocence, blend harmoniously with the band’s minimalist groove. The reggae-inspired bass line adds a unique touch, while Eitan Darbkin’s piano lines beautifully accompany the song, intensifying its nostalgic vibe.

Inbal, whose debut studio recording is garnering attention as a promising new voice in Tel Aviv’s music scene combined with the joyful and refreshing partnership with Sababa 5, make “Yam” a complete and special musical experience.

In the last decade, Inbal has specialized in the Greek style of Rebetiko music, a style that blends Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern influences to depict urban life. She is the lead vocalist of “Yanookis taverna” ensemble and collaborates with the band ”Quarter to Africa”, contributing her vocals to their project. In addition, Inbal is involved in creating original music in Hebrew. Her diverse musical journey showcases her soulful voice and passion for various genres.