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When David Goo was born, the angels wept, for they had nothing left to conquer.

This is the benefit of no education and leaving school too early, pursuing some kind of dream where people would actually buy songs with names like ‘The Drop In The Bathroom,’ and ‘Hairy Man’. David Goo is not sensitive. David Goo is not trying to tug on your heartstrings. David Goo wants your babies to headbang to the rhythm and grin like the fools they are.

Goo (or The Goo, or Gooster) started forming bands at the age when every dumb fucker forms a band, but unlike the other dumb fuckers who grew some smarts and quit, he carried on, like a truly demented dumb fucker. Boy does he regret it now.

There have been ups and downs, and there will be more ups and downs, hopefully with a few ups that will include some money so he can pay back all the relatives and girlfriends he’s in debt to.

Actually, that’s David Goo in a nutshell. A money crazed, delusional, imbecile.

‘And so the angels laughed, and spoke to the Lord and said upon him, ‘Give your chosen one a break, for thy torments have carried on long enough.’

And the Lord laughed with them. And laughed and laughed and laughed. And smote the dumb fucker down.’


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