El Khat – Ya Raiyat

‘Ya Raiyat’ is the product of a traditional Yemeni folk song, dismantled and reformed by El Khat and Yemeni inventor, carpenter and music producer Eyal El Wahab.

Recorded in Eyal’s backstreet studio in Tel Aviv filled with mics, speakers and a lot of junk much of which has been repurposed and turned into instruments […]

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Sababa 5 feat. Yurika – Crossroad of Love

Sababa 5′ was formed by a group of musicians known for their work for some of Tel Aviv’s top artists/vocalists, such as Gili Yalo, Ester Rada and Liraz Charhi, as well as with famous groups like Hoodna Orchestra, Tigris and Kutiman Orchestra.
With members’ influences that range from wrecking crew recordings from the 60’s, […]

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Gypsy Hill – “Producing” Out Now in all digital stores

It’s here! The eagerly awaited new release from Gypsy Hill is out in all digital stores!! Better still, pre-order the 12″ vinyl now via our store page and get the digital version straight away, to tide you over until the vinyl ships!

Gypsy Hill – Producing is full to the brim with collaborations with some awesome artists – Koby […]

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Gypsy Hill – Producing

Following on from the success of remix album, ‘Their Routes’, which included heavy-hitting tracks from the likes of Shazalakazoo, Slamboree & AlgoRythmiK – the upcoming ‘Gypsy Hill Producing’ record presents something of a new direction.

This album is exclusively collaborations with a select few carefully chosen acts across a range of genres, tied together […]

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S H I R A N – S H I R A N – شيران

S H I R A N has already achieved huge success, not just in her native country but in areas less expected – those across the Arab world. Inspired to embrace her Yemenite roots, she has had her lyrics translated into Yemenite Arabic, with her latest album also featuring elements of Iraqi and […]

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Sandman Project – Royal Family

Unifying the psychedelic from West African rock with slinky Ethiopian jazz, emboldened with an improvisational vibration, Sandman Project unleash their debut 5 track EP ‘Royal Family’.

Tal Sandman is the guitarist and leader of the group based in the Arabic district of Tel Aviv, Jaffa. With a name drawn from her deep connection to […]

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Hallouminati – Tonight, Is Heavy

“a sweaty mix of traditional Greek music, indie rock, ska, punk and Balkan brass”


“Live, they are even better.”


“Outstanding (…) the festive atmosphere that lasts until the end, at high speed without digression in shallow party crap.”


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