Format: Vinyl / Digital

Release Date: 28th July 2024


Saturno 4000 – Ma Belle Fille / Solar Heart

Turkish psych, Afro-Latin rhythms, funk, and surf rock effortlessly converge on “Ma Belle Fille” and “Solar Heart,” the latest offerings from Berlin-based band Saturno 4000. These tracks, featured on their debut 45 for Batov Records, demonstrate the band’s eclectic melding of diverse musical styles with seamless precision.

Comprising Julia Beresikowa (vocals, guitar, percussions), Sebastian Carrizosa (guitar), Andrea Buccio (bass guitar), and Hannes Neupert (drums, percussions), Saturno 4000 isn’t just a studio project; they’ve extensively toured Germany’s live and festival circuit, captivating audiences with their infectious energy and layers of guitar fuzz.

On the A-Side, “Ma Belle Fille” delivers a solid groove, with Andrea Buccio’s mesmerising bassline intricately synchronised with Hannes Neupert’s Afrobeat-inspired drumming, enhanced by Diego Moscoso’s djembe contributions. On top of this formidable foundation, Julia Beresikowa and Seba Carrizosa’s electric guitars add both elegance and grit, while Julia’s arresting French vocals ponder love and loss.

Flipping the record, “Solar Heart” transports us to Peru via the Mediterranean, as vibrant cumbia rhythms are given a surf rock twist, Reminiscent of the classic gritty psychedelic strain of Peruvian cumbia yet very distinctly fresh, Beresikowa and Carrizosa’s guitars take the lead, languidly followed by Andrea’s loping bassline, Neupert’s tight drumming and Moscoso’s percussion.

“Ma Belle Fille” and “Solar Heart” showcase Saturno 4000’s ability to reimagine classic sounds into new sonic possibilities, fitting seamlessly into Batov Record’s Middle Eastern Groove series, known for its exceptional quality and innovation.