Based in London, Luke was born and raised in the mansion of arts and music back in Lithuania, eastern Europe. Since the age of four, he’s been dreaming of travelling the world with his voice, music and open heart.

The ambition of youth has grown into a strong will and dedication for this path of sound. Brought up on jazz, folk, blues, rock, metal and everything in between Luke has experimented with myriad styles. With various instruments and emotions, manifested in the format of sound of his home country and around Europe, Luke and his best friend D (drummer) left the country and headed west. London felt crazy and busy enough for this Burnsright character to grow strong. 2013 Luke Burnsright released a solo album ‘’Dreaming’’. And the same year Luke printed his first self- published book of poems.

Luke Burnsright is a man of Word, Sound and silence. Pacing himself through time and space composing melodies identified by heart and stories manifested in real life. Growing up in a musical artistic environment shaped the purpose of expressing oneself through various genres, moods and colours using instruments of all kinds. Voice became the number one tool in this everlasting journey of music – such a wonderful way to play with air. And so it is …


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