Format: Vinyl / Digital

Release Date: 16th Feb 2024


Les Dynamites – Uzi Kinrot / Sea Gull {7inch}

Les Dynamites make a jubilant return to Batov Records’ Middle Eastern Grooves series of vinyl 45s with two irresistible instrumentals capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean surf rock renaissance, “Uzi Kinrot” and “Sea Gull”.

Comprising accomplished musicians Roy Bar-Tour, Atzmon Avrahami and Adam Yodfat, Les Dynamites built themselves a strong following for their fresh blend of Mediterranean and classic surf rock with Balkan and Yemini folk, catching the attention of Middle Eastern groove connoisseurs Batov Record. Their debut single for the label, “Pop Oud #2”, packed enough punch, and funk, for both psych fans and break dancers. Backed by a dubwise flip by digging pioneers Radio Trip, it received support from the likes of Juno, Monolith Cocktail and Worldwide FM.

“Uzi Kinrot” takes its name from guitarists Uri Kinrot and Uzi Feinerman of Boom Pam, pioneers of today’s resurgence in Middle Eastern surf rock. Ray Bar-Tour riffs like a Klezmer-playing Dick Dale over a Balkan sousaphone bass lines and snappy drum rhythms. Towards the end, Yemen Yehudith adds a special touch of traditional wailing, raising the excitement by another notch.

On “Sea Gull”, Les Dynamites pay tribute to Greek-Israeli guitarist and singer, Aris San, credited for being among the first to play the electric guitar like the six-stringed Greek bouzouki, and spreading the popularity of Greek and Mizrahi music. San’s joyful and infectious style is bulked out by some Ventures-style grit, rock drumming and the Vox Jaguar, sixties style hammond, ready to uplift any hot and liquor-soaked dancefloor. Recorded in single takes with minimal overdubs, “Sea Gull” packs a powerful punch, avoiding the pitfalls of overthinking and multi-track re-recording.

Recorded, co-arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Uri “MixMonster” Wertheim of famed funk band, The Apples, and obscure sample scientists, RadioTrip. On “Uzi Kinrot” and “Sea Gull”, the group pay tribute to the Mediterranean surf heroes who inspired them most. They continue from where the seventies funk leaning “Pop Oud #2” left off, going deeper, and reuniting the classic Mediterranean and American surf sounds with a fresh perspective, destined to earn themselves an even greater following.