Gypsy Hill

Batov Records Hitting Hootananny Brixton

After our last takeover at Boomtown Fair, we are happy to announce that we are arriving at HOOTANANNY BRIXTON with a smashing lineup!

**Gypsy Hill**
Gypsy Hill the beast from nearby the middle east – play an intoxicating mix of balkan brass, mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic […]

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Gypsy Hill – Their Routes (Remixes) OUT NOW!

That is a long time coming! we happy to introduce Gypsy Hill remixed album!
This time the band asked all their favorite producers and DJs to take a different route.
We have got on this album remixes by Slamboree, Shazalakazoo, Savages Y Suefo, Solo Moderna, Tarante Groove Machine, DJ Inko, Fanfara Electronica, Phibes, Al Lindrum, AlgoRythmiK, Kosta Kostov, Dr Fre & BalkanHotsteppers, […]

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Gypsy Hill – ‘Their Routes’ (Remixes)


Brilliant reconstructions in a highly varied set of styles. Definitely a dancefloor must-have.

Global Riddims

Amazing album with a dozen top producers bringing their own versions of Our Routes. Must have album


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Gypsy Hill at London Remixed Festival 2017

London is a powerhouse of musical innovation and the London Remixed Festival brings you its finest selection for 2017.
Showcasing the best in Latin Grooves, Afrobeats, Tropical Bass, Vintage-Remix, Desert Remix, Balkan Beats, Urban Roots, Acoustic Soundclash and Brass Band Remix, we are kicking Global London into the future! The festival is a celebration of the best emerging musical talent and […]

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Sam and The Womp – Gypsy Hill – The Come On People – DJ Kobayashi

Wormfood’s back with another strictly international, seismograph-shattering floor shaker of a party! Sam and the Womp top things off – fronted by trumpeter and chief dance floor stacker Sam Ritchie and Dutch born singer/songwriter Bloom de Wilde, the homegrown group’s debut single ‘Bom Bom’ shot straight to No 1 in the UK music charts in August 2012 and […]

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