Beirut World Beat is our guest for Netil Radio 13th May 2020 with DJ Kobayashi

Beirut World Beat is an Italian DJ deeply in love with Arab culture and Arabic and Middle Eastern music. He lived for some time in Syria learning Arabic and appreciating the great variety of today’s Arabic music scene.

Beirut World Beat‘s selections fly through Arab Beats, Digital Dabkeh, Desert Funk, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Mahraganat, World Fusion, Mediterranean Oldies, Raï, Elektrika Rebetika and much more, in a trip from Morocco to India, passing by the Mashreq and beyond.

During his career, he played alongside artists like Salif Keita, Rachid Taha, Bombino, Baba Zula, Enzo Avitabile, DJ Click and participated in many festivals in Italy and abroad, like Shubbak Festival (UK), Ariano Folk Festival, Film Middle East Now, Fòcara Festival, Cous Cous Fest Preview (IT).