It’s with much pleasure that we present today’s ROTW ‘Wono’ by Koichi Sakai and Afla Sackey out now on Olindo Records.

Koichi and Oli are very good friends of the Batov Records family, and I had the privilege to personally meet them back in February when DJ Kobayashi had them as special guests on our Netil Radio show for the launch of Koichi Sakai and Afla Sackey latest EP. Alfa Sackey, on the other hand, is an impressive percussionist, singer-songwriter, and bandleader.

This LP explores both men’s love for electronic and West African music: ‘Wono’, which means “it’s ours” in Ga, is a collection of solid grooves that mix dance with Afro-Caribbean influences over these South American-inspired rhythms. From the slow and acid-infused workout of ‘Niege’ to the happy Highlife style of ‘Suolo’ (my personal favourite), this record just keeps you in high spirits – something that we all are in dire need of right now.

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