Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics are a match made in heaven!

Today’s ROTW sees a collaboration for the ages coming together in the form of legendary Ethiopian percussionist, Mulatu Astatke (@astatkemulatu), combining his genius with everyone’s favourite progressive jazz ensemble, The Heliocentrics (@theheliocentrics).
The record is smooth and relaxing, ideal for when you just need to decompress and forget the pains of a long day. Nevertheless, no one track is the same as any other, making for an easy, yet interesting listening session. Psychedelic jazz and funk mix their rhythm and colours with Afro and Eastern influences, for a cacophony of new yet familiar sounds in this experimental yet oddly perfectly natural-sounding masterpiece.

Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics dreamy piano arpeggios, groovy bass chords and enticing percussions are just the accompaniment of slinky brass and puncturing analogue synths, that give it a decisive vintage flavour. Every track follows the previous one seamlessly, entrancing the ears and surprising the mind and before you know it, there’s silence, leaving you wanting to listen more, again and again.

If this brief introduction has gotten you curious and you wanted to give it a listen. Until next Monday, stay safe and keep the good vibes coming!

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