Islandman Rest In Space Is one of the best downbeat albums which lift you up in a different way – DJ Kobayashi

Islandman Rest In Space is the first full-length release for Music for Dreams (@musicfordreams), where he explores further the rich history of Turkish psychedelic rock, combining it with both Eastern and Western, old and new influences for a new, unique, exciting sound that will take the listener on a soulful journey, rich of quirky sounds and mysterious instrumentations.

The record opens strongly with ‘Agit’, which combines a vigorous set of guitar riffs with a groovy bassline and spacy synths, giving the listener a small taste of what is to come and making them want to get up and dance! A feeling that is reinforced in ‘Rest in Space’, where the smart use of jazzy horn and flutes arrangements over funky percussions gives off a relaxed and playful vibe that is characteristic of the whole record.

A track that stands in stark contrast with the rest of the album is ‘The True Word of the Wind’, a beautiful acoustic piece where the dreamy sound of an eastern guitar takes the center stage, showcasing the masterful skill of the player and transporting the listener to far and mysterious land; feeding in the overall nostalgic cosmic vibe of the record.

All in all, @islandman_ delivered an impressive LP, rich in mystical instruments and exotic soundscapes for a delightful musical experience.
Started in 2010, Islandman is a trio born from Istanbul-based musician/producer Tolga Böyük’s creative genius, in which he explores the rich musical tradition of Turkish Anatolian rock, re-imagining it to fit his electro-acoustic psychedelic dream.

The band has already made quite a name for themselves on the Turkish music scene, thanks to a heap of self-released EP’s and a series of entrancing live performances, and it has now started to gain international traction, leading what it looks like the hopeful beginning of a new era in the Anatolian music genre.

Stream Islandman Rest In Space via this link.

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