Sven Wunder – Eastern Flowers is another gem in DJ Kobayashi‘s bag.

Doğu Çiçekleri ‘Eastern Flowers’, is Sven Wunder’s enigmatic but intriguing debut album, which was quietly launched last year by the newly established Swedish label Piano Piano and with the help of the Swedish Arts Council.

The record is intentionally mysterious to resemble the soundtrack of some obscure ‘60s or ‘70s TV show and even though it creates a mood, it never allows the listener to pinpoint down a specific time or location, drawing influences from vintage European jazz-funk and Anatolian rock with a decisive eastern flavour brought forward by the captivating Saz, groovy organs and modernistic synths.

The result is an avant-garde piece of music that combines old and new, building layers upon layers of sonic depth and faithfully reproducing the vibrant flowery landscape depicted in the song titles.

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