Nu Guinea – Nuova Napoli is another great pick from DJ Kobayashi‘s collection.

Nu Guinea is a Naples formed, Berlin-based duo composed by Massimo Di Lena e Lucio Aquilina. Their sound is influenced by the idea of far away and exotic places and it‘s created by combining various genres of dance music and anything that could be played on the dancefloor: an ample range that includes anything from obscure disco to world-etno music. Because their music has originated from jam sessions, by trying to combine different styles and genres of music, fusing synthesizers with various instruments, they are always looking for new sources of inspiration and they are open to collaborate with other musicians.

An example of that is their fabulous LP “The Tony Allen Experiments”, a wonderful collaboration with the master drummer of Afrobeat.
Nuova Napoli is a bold, funky dance workout that pays homage to @nu_guinea natal city, Naples, by exploring the sound that shaped the city during the ‘70s and ‘80s, such as disco, jazz-funk, African rhythms. An interesting feature is the use of the Neapolitan dialect in the lyrics and the collaboration with many artists of the contemporary Neapolitan music scene. You can enjoy this joyous masterpiece via the link in bio.

WARNING: Nu Guinea recommends listening to Nuova Napoli while walking in the alleys of Napoli’s historic center, around wet clothes hanging and street vendors on tiny three-wheelers.

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