Kutiman – Space Cassava

Space Cassava (2015) is an all-time favourite here at Batov Records and a staple of DJ Kobayashi‘s live sets. Despite its smaller format (only 2 tracks are featured), this mini limited edition LP truly depicts Kutiman’s creative genius and showcases his own take on deep jazz/funk. Although the guitar riffs and synth embellishments evoke a strong ‘70s feel, the true soul of Space Cassava is in its exciting percussion-charged rhythm and horn-rich ensembles – a nod to the classic Afrobeat masterpieces – that will make sure to captivate the listener until the very end. Additionally, the outstanding brass and woodwind solos are a refreshing addition to the simple but engaging melody lines and make the two tracks really come together.

Ophir Kutiel, professionally known as @kutiman, is a critically acclaimed Israeli musician, composer, producer and videographer best known for his award-winning video project ‘Thru You’ and his innovative urban musical landscapes projects such as Webby award-nominated ‘Thru Tokyo’. In 2016 he won the Vibe Israel and Shorty Story award for ‘Outstanding Content Creator in Israel’ cementing his already outstanding reputation as an innovative and versatile creator.
You can listen to Space Cassava through on Bandcamp and all the usual online stores.
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