We are very happy to introduce a new member to Batov Records Family – please meet TANTZ.

Over the last few years, London based klezmer/Balkan beats bohemians Tantz have taken the UK world/roots music scene apart with their full-on musical attack on audiences across the length and breadth of this nation. With awesome musical chops, an energy not seen since punk rock’s halcyon days and ability to turn a gentle world music festival crowd into a heaving, pogoing mosh-pit, there’s something special about this band that manages to touch almost everyone who hears and sees them live, no matter what music they’re into.

We bring you their new single Meshuge. Just in case you didn’t know, ‘meshuge’ means crazy in Yiddish, and that’s just what you’ll see on the dance floor when this one drops! We’re also glad to be inviting back one of our favourite producers DJ INKO on the flip side remix.

Tantz - Meshuge [Official Video] - Batov Records