The 150 Friends Club and Batov Records are happy to announce the release of Human AKA Man’s Lot, the first single off their debut album Monogamy, recorded and mixed at Down and Left Studios. The song marks the end of the first half of the album, whereby the ‘hero’ of the story has an epiphany about all the women he’s been chasing for the last four songs. Whether the epiphany is a relief for him or not, is left unknown. In David Goo’s words:

“I was having a chat with this woman, and all through it I thought, ‘I’m in love with you, I love you,’ to the point of distraction. I got home later that day and just started laughing, because it was about the fifth time that happened that week. The song poured out and during writing it I thought, ‘Hmm, a Fifties, Brill Building style song… okay then’. I usually don’t have the guts to sing something so earnest and simple, but in the context of this fucked up album, it actually comes as a relief. I mean, everyone is doing sentimental schmaltz nowadays. I figure I’ve earned the right to do one of those myself by now.”

The 150 Friends Club, “the quietest rock band in the world”, were featured in Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape in 2014.”

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