The wait is over, 10 years in the writing, 2 years in the honing, 5 months in the recording and mixing, a whole bunch of money in the spending and The 150 Friends Club’s debut album, ‘Monogamy’, is finally out!
Recorded and mixed at Down and Left Studios. ‘Monogamy,’ is a genuine concept album, a story about the agony and the ecstasy of chasing promiscuity, followed by the various ups and downs of monogamy, and the overwhelming feeling of moving to a new place and the life in the big city. A soulful rollercoaster with a sarcastic ending, in the words of David Goo, singer, “To experience the cathartic nice songs, you gotta get through the tough ones. Or not. You can just skip them and listen to the pleasant bits, like you do with your porn movies when you’re watching them on”
‘Monogamy’ is now available.
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