Sandman Project – Royal Family {Vinyl Pre-Order}

Batov Records are excited to introduce the newest member of the clan – Sandman Project. Their debut release on Batov ‘Royal Family’, due for release on the 26th Oct 2018, is one of our most highly anticipated releases to date.

Unifying the psychedelic from West African rock with slinky Ethiopian jazz, emboldened with an improvisational […]

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Sandman Project

Sandman Project, led by guitarist Tal Sandman, bring an exciting musical project  from the heart of the Arabic district of Tel Aviv, Jaffa. With a name drawn from her deep connection to the earth’s elements, the group’s sound is purely instrumental and at times evokes the early pioneering spirits of Ethiopian jazz with swirling trumpets climbing up and […]

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Through the last years S H I R A N (Shiran Avraham) explored her family roots and created music full of inspiration that tells the story of the Yemen Aliyah in a new production that creates a unique sound.

In the last months she experienced a growth of the project, primarily during the last tour, which was uniquely diverse and […]

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Gypsy Hill

Gypsy Hill – the beast from nearby the middle east – play an intoxicating mix of balkan brass, mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, Gypsy Hill effortlessly mix the traditional with a uniquely modern sound.

Producers DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert have taken the […]

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Over the last couple of years Hallouminati have been carefully blending their unique and high octane Gypsy/ Punk/ Ska/ Greek/ Ragga/Jazz Mash-up and sweating it out for all to hear. Mixing the gritty realms of skankin’ ragga punk with traditional Greek rembetiko vibes, they’re throwin’ deranged beats for a unforgettable live show.

Having played Bestival, Boomtown and all manner […]

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Over the last few years, London based klezmer/Balkan beats bohemians Tantz have taken the UK world/roots music scene apart with their full-on musical attack on audiences across the length and breadth of this nation. With awesome musical chops, an energy not seen since punk rock’s halcyon days and ability to turn a gentle world music festival crowd into […]

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The Great Malarkey UK Album Launch Party

So loads of super people have been completely awesome and pledged money for The Great Malarkey to get them into a studio and make an awesome album and it is finally ready. Now there is only one thing to do…… CELEBRATE!!!!

They are playing live at T Chances in Tottenham with some super awesome mates/bands:


In 2014 Eat the Evidence picked […]

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