An Eclectic Selection of Music from The Arab World by Habibi Funk!

This week’s ROTW is quite different from what we usually present to you because it’s a compilation of music by various artists, carefully selected and put together by the folks over at Habibi Funk Records.

The title, ‘An Eclectic Selection of Music from The Arab World’ promises a fantastic journey through faraway lands, dunes of sand, exotic vegetation, and turquoise seas, but more importantly diverse people, ideas, stories, and beliefs.

From the erupting energy of “Bsslama Hbibti” by Fadoul, channeled through gritty drums and lashing guitars; to New Orleans Mardi Gras vibes of “Wang Dang” by Bob Destiny; to my personal favourite: “Sah” by Al Massrieen, a strong but smooth dance beat enriched by female backing vocals for some seriously funky grooves, this compilation really has it all.

But more importantly, it has a mission, and quite an important one at that: to debunk some stereotypes that still surround the Arab world, by showcasing the beautiful diversity and vibrancy present in the culture of these incredibly versatile and history-rich territories, through the past and the present musical legacy they produce. Our hope is that by sharing this music with you, we will have pushed the envelope and the beautiful message it contains, a little further, and who knows, maybe listening to these groovy tunes you’ll get inspired to visit and personally experience the places where they have been originated.

If we caught your interest, we invite you to give this compilation a listen (link in bio) and we hope that you’ll go give a follow to Habibi Funk, so that you can also keep up with the latest of all the wonderful work they do.

This is how you get An Eclectic Selection of Music from The Arab World

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