Mosaic of the Orient by Elias Rahbani = Middle Eastern Music In It’s Best!

This week we present you with ‘Mosaic of the Orient’ to honour the memory of recently departed Lebanese musician, composer, songwriter, orchestra conductor, and reality television personality Elias Rahbani.

During his prolific career, Rahbani composed thousands of pieces, including the soundtrack for some cult Middle Eastern film, TV series, and stage musicals. Additionally, he worked for the Arabic Service of the BBC and was the director and musical consultant of Radio Lebanon from 1962 to 1972. He also hosted the ground-breaking ‘SuperStar’, a pop idol talent show airing on Future TV from 2003 to 2008; effectively becoming a known personality within the Arabic entertainment industry. Among other things, Rahbani’s work won him several awards worldwide, including the Cinema award for International Advertisement Film Award in Venice in 1977.

‘Mosaic of the Orient’ is possibly Rahbani most globally significant, innovative and creative record. First released in 1972, this wonderful compilation of Rahbani work includes a whopping number of musical instruments and was inspired by both European and pan-Arabic influences. This wonderful psychedelic vinyl is considered a rare insight into Rahbani’s early work and beautifully showcase the importance of both his cultural upbringing and European classical training in a wonderful mix of lush and exotic musical landscapes and catchy rhythms. We definitely recommend giving it a listen, not only to honour the memory of this remarkable creative but also to appreciate the beauty and boldness of this timeless record.

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