Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical is one of the best releases by Analog Africa

As the first ROTW of 2021, we want to introduce you to something quite special: directly from the heart of the Amazons via @analogafrica, a compilation of rare Latin psychedelic by one of the masters of the genre, Raúl Llerena Vásquez – known to the world as Ranil – a Peruvian singer, bandleader, record-label entrepreneur, renown in South America for his unique style of Cumbia and his larger-than-life persona.

Born and raised in Iquitos, a removed Peruvian city in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, Ranil’s musical taste was influenced by criollo waltzes, carimbó rhythms from just over the Brazilian border, and fragmented broadcasts of Cumbia from Colombia. After working many years as a school teacher in remote locations, Ranil decided to come back to Iquitos and funded a band that immediately dominated the local music scene thanks to its unique blend of groovy rhythms and resonant guitar.

Thanks to their newfound fame, the band was soon cable to record their first album at the legendary MAG studios, one of Peru’s finest recording studios, where many local artists jumpstarted successful careers. Then, instead of selling the rights to a major, Ranil decided to found his very own record label, Produccions Llerena, in his hometown, which allowed him to retain control over the production and distribution of his music. His remarkable entrepreneurship turned him into one of the central figures of the South American music scene.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb, who assembled this incredible compilation by tracking down Ranil himself, Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical’s genius can be appreciated by everyone, us included. And what a wonderful musical legacy it is, transporting the listener to the far verdant vegetation of the Peruvian Amazons from the first few bars and making them move to the infectious rhythms of these wonderfully groovy tracks.

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