Music Is My Sanctuary is excited to premiere the romantic rhythms and sounds of “Nasnusa” by Sababa 5. A modern take on Mizrahi music sung by Tokyo, Japanese hailing performer, Yurika, that we’ve just fallen completely in love with.

If you don’t know Sababa 5 yet, you’re definitely missing out on one of the hottest bands on the Tel Aviv music scene.

Following their very popular debut release ‘Crossroad of Love’, Sababa 5 and vocalist Yurika are back on the exclusive Middle Eastern Grooves with their newest double-sided 7” collaboration titled ‘Tokyo Midnight’. The record is a dazzling encounter of cultures, inspired by the funky and exotic melodies of Sababa 5 and the resplendent Japanese words of Yurika.

On the B-side, “Nasnusa”, a beautiful guitar solo continues into a captivating rhythm inspired by traditional Mizrahi music. Yurika’s delicate vocals evoke a love story; a couple watches the sunset as the gates to a new world are opening. As “Nasnusa” fades into the light, her lover recalls her beauty and expresses fondness over the wonderful time they spent together.

Sababa 5’s musical style has been influenced by all its members and is in continuous evolution, though always remaining very groove-centric. The sound is mainly based on surf rock and retro funk, especially Arabic folk and funk music from the ‘60s and the ‘70s and artists from that period, such as the legendary Aris San.

Released September 19, digital and 7″ vinyl. Pre-order on the link above.

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