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Rasco is Eden Atiya (guitars, vocals), Gaya Wajsman (bass, vocals), and Itay Hamudi (drums) – a genre-defying trio pushing the boundaries of Garage and Shoegaze.

Sun-drenched melodies meet dreamy vocals and shoegaze vibes in a mesmerizing sonic world.  More than just surf rock revivalists, they explore the dichotomy between city life and nature. Their sound reflects this tension, balancing electric riffs with mystical, nature-inspired lyrics.

Named after Charlie Megira’s hit song “At the Rasco”, and influenced by The Cramps, Beach Boys, Elvis, April March, and many more, they distills into their music the essence and sound of sixties surf and garage bands and combines it with vocal harmonies and Hebrew lyrics.

Eden Atiya (Electric guitar) met Gaya Wajsman (Bass guitar) at a weird little smokey cave in Jerusalem, they teamed up with Itay Hamudi (Drums) to create the band. Their upcoming album: “Dmaot” marks a significant evolution, showcasing their growth as artists and their ability to create a world of sound and emotion that’s uniquely their own.




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