Altin Gün – On!!!

Today’s ROTW is all about one of the house favourites, here at Batov Records: Grammy-nominated Altin Gün and their debut album ‘On’, released via Bongo Joe Records (@bongojoerecords), in 2018.

Altin Gün is a rock and psychedelic folk band based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They play funky tracks inspired by the saz-infused ‘70s classics of the Anatolian tradition, form artists of the like of Neşet Ertaş, Selda Bağcan, and Erkin Koray, but with their own twist, influenced by their very diverse backgrounds. Upbeat rhythms, funky bass, wah-wah guitars, and analog organs back dreamy saz riffs, for a cosmical shake-off.

The original melodies and lyrics are based on Neşet Ertaş’s original work, although after much reworking, the songs are almost unrecognizable. They maintain, however, the same drive and the same rich and groovy sound, which will make everyone dance!

We are in love with Altin Gün’s music and we are sure that it’ll charm you too! We left a link to ‘On’ in our bio, please let us know what your favourite song is in the comments below!

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