For today’s ROTW, we recommend JISR ‘Too far away’, now out on Munich-based label Sound Voyage (@sound_voyage ).

Formed around the figure of Moroccan Gembri player and singer, Mohcine Ramdan, JISR is an international ensemble that transcends borders and geographic locations, as it’s known to collaborate with several musicians and singers from all over the world and to pull from the worldwide scope of cultures to create a cohesive yet explosive, new sound.

‘Too far away’ is the prime example of this musical philosophy, taking the listener through an exciting journey through an impressive hurray of musical styles and influences varying from Arabic classical music and poetry, African Gnawa grooves, Balkan beats, jazz, tango, and flamenco. It’s an imaginative merging of cultures and people, coming together to form this beautiful, polycultural musical landscape that echoes of exotic and faraway lands, letting the listener longing for more.

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