Hoodna Orchestra – Let Go – Pure Afrobeat joy!

On this week’s ROTW, we feature the brilliant debut album of Hoodna Orchestra ‘Let Go’: a masterpiece comparable only to the greatest Afrobeat records. An Israeli sensation, Hoodna Orchestra debuted in 2012, in South Tel Aviv, established by a group of young musicians (some are members of Sababa 5), whom we have the privilege of personally know and work with. They have been taking center stage in all major festivals and venues in Israel since turning heads wherever they go.

‘Let Go’, their debut record, was premiered at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv and was very well received both by the public. The record pays homage to the golden years of Afrobeat and Afrojazz with its bright horn section and tight rhythm section. The occasionally mixed choir is a refreshing addition to the mainly instrumental sound.
Overall, we think this album breathes new air into the genre and brings it back into the limelight.

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